Audacious Nation

     Hi! I'm Audacious and I hope you are too. Marked by originality and verve. See synonyms at: bold, daring, fearless, valiant, and plucky. I've been called the wild one, the tough one, the savage. But when I look in the mirror, it's just little old me, maneuvering through a wild, tough, and at times-- savage world. It has taken a special kind of bold to be myself, and the struggle is real, but it has been worth it! 
     If you can relate, this brand is for you. If you can't relate, just keep living, it'll happen. You will get to the point where you let it be known that you and you alone get to define YOU. Be it your own kind of beautiful, your own kind of successful, or your own kind of happy. That day will be a good day. Trust. 
The labels. The status quo. The noise. The expectations. The shade. The nonsense. Ignore it all.

Have the audacity to be you.